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Zombie Hunter Mod Apk offers many features and benefits that you will not get in the original version of the app. You can buy everything you want. Y

ou can have everything without losing gold (gold coins) and silver (money). In Zombie Hunter Mod Apk app, resources will be available from the start when you download the app.

Shoot all the zombies and be the last survivor of Zombie Hunter. This game shows a terrible world war with zombies.

About Zombie Hunter mod Apk

This game was made by the creators of games like Dead Target, Dead Warfare, Mad Zombie or Sniper Zombie. This new feature makes this game more interesting.

Zombie Hunter Mod Apk, this offline shooting game is designed in a way to build a shelter. The game is around 150MB.

This game is developed by VNG Game Studios. In the game, you do not need an internet connection without reducing the quality of the game.

The game system is designed to be simple, but it will give a better gaming experience, the thing is that you just have to stay, search and shoot.

Choose and use your best sniper and/or any available weapon. Use them all to kill the zombies you see on every road you go. Try to survive!

With the deadly zombie outbreak, human life is no longer what it used to be. Even during the day you will see free wild zombies on the street.

The zombies will infect everything they see with the deadly virus and create a zombie epidemic in the universe. He makes people die and doesn’t kill himself!

If you want to survive the daylight walk in this game, shoot every zombie to death. Use the snipers and guns you have.

Prove your skills and you can be the strongest zombie hunter in Zombie Hunter Mod Apk offline game.

  • Good shooting graphics
  • Find and defeat all the zombies
  • Offline shooter
  • Many types of weapons are available
  • Build and improve your memory

Download Zombie Hunter game Apk now. Especially the available mods will make you enjoy this game. Next we will discuss about the features of Zombie Hunter Mod Apk.

In Game Zombie Hunter mod Apk

In this game, you will always be ready with the weapons you have. Keep leveling it up to fight zombies and discover the secrets of this disease.

There are different types of zombies to fight and defeat. Among them are fat zombies, crazy zombies, jumping zombies, deadly zombies and many others. Prepare your best plan.

Beware of zombies that will appear suddenly. It can grow in any direction, climbing walls, roofs and ceilings. Or it can come from below.

In this case, you will need a lot of resources to upgrade all your weapons and armor. You will be able to hunt more zombies in the mod.

Features of Zombie Hunter Mod Apk Version

With games that have an offline mode, you have to ask yourself this question. What makes this game so interesting that more than 10 million people have installed it? Listen to these people.

1. Examples

The designers and developers of this game have made the story interesting. The world of an epidemic of evil zombies suddenly filled all the streets.

This zombie apocalypse raises many questions among human survivors. You have to make an effort to get rid of the effect of the anti-zombie medicine.

Akasha, who is a scientist, managed to create a vaccine called Vaccine Z. The use of these vaccines is successful in preventing the growth of existing viruses.

However, after some time, the results of this Z vaccine started working. It turns out that this vaccine has a negative effect on the human body.

Everyone believed that they were cured of the virus all received this vaccine. Vaccinated people become zombies instead.

Existing efforts are actually increasing the spread of the virus. Your journey to reveal the truth and work for the salvation of humanity will not be easy.

You will see a zombie that carries a specific shield on its back which is a gas mask. This gas bottle will explode if you shoot it. Therefore, you must leave it as long as possible to let the explosion destroy the zombies around it. There are also giant zombies later. You have to find the answer by looking everywhere. Create a great team, and get ready to face a big battle. Complete all available tasks.

2. There are many types of zombies

The zombie virus has turned humans into various evil bloodthirsty zombies. They will come to you from all sides. There is nowhere to hide.

You will encounter regular zombies, fat zombies, crazy zombies, crawling zombies, jumping zombies and many others. All these immortals can visit you at any time.

Stay alive until the end by continuing to shoot all the zombies you encounter with your unique strategy! Don’t let your guard down!

3. Great graphic quality

With the continuous increase of current technological development. Most games now require an internet connection to play.

For those who are interested in offline games, they are often disappointed with the reduced quality of graphics in existing games. Anyway, take it easy. Zombie Hunter Mod Apk is different.

You can play this game for free. When and where you want, without losing the quality of the game. Save your quota and play games offline.

This offline game is very versatile with great visuals. These graphics are great and your free time will be more fun.

Shoot zombies in realistic environments. It is combined with sound effects, shooting effects, and beautiful visuals. Your battle will not be boring. See for yourself all the amazing details and effects.

4. There are many types of best weapons

Zombie Hunter Mod Apk is one of the best weapons that it has to equip you. Divided into guns, rifles, machine guns, cyber weapons, guns and many other weapons. Each type of weapon has its own characteristics.

For each level of the game Zombie Hunter Mod Apk, you must need at least one weapon to start the game, you need to upgrade the appropriate weapon.

When you go through the Zombie Hunter Mod Apk arsenal, you will find the main weapons that you can use. Grab your weapon, upgrade it to awesomeness, and run and shoot!

Additional features

  • The horror of the game
  • Graphics are good controls
  • Abundant weapons
  • Advanced management
  • Broad game potential

Difference between Zombie Hunter Mod Apk and official app

For the difference between the official application and the brief version of Zombie Hunter Mod Apk to make it easier for you. We will make a list, please see the table below.

Zombie Hunter Official Zombie Hunter mod Apk
Kill in a few fires One Hit Kill
Normal Mode God Mode
Unlimited Gold, Money, Fuel, Metal, All Resources Unlimited Gold, Money, Oil, Metal, All Resources
Food, Goods, Points and Medics Unlimited Food, Goods, Points and Medics
Silver and gold decrease when used silver and gold increase when used!

You can manually configure all this in the game menu. Then you will enjoy all these great features.

Download Zombie Hunter mod Apk

The following is a download link for Zombie Hunter Mod Apk version of the game without internet and you do not need to pay to install it. App Name Zombie Hunter Mod Apk
Action Mode (Program)
Game Studios VNG Editor
Latest version
Mod information in table 0.1
File size 137 MB

Please read the mod information and installation instructions carefully if you want this mod to work properly.

Note: Downloads via IDM, ADM or direct links (third party apps) are currently blocked for abuse.

Install Zombie Hunter Mod

  • If you downloaded the file successfully, click on the file which is 100% complete.
  • Click “Install” to install the app on your device
  • Next you will enter the mobile phone settings
  • Allow installation of applications from unknown sources
  • You can use this app for free

The last word

Quickly download and install Zombie Hunter Mod APK to enjoy a great mix of base building, shooting and offline games.

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