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Cooking is a very fun and entertaining activity for mothers. Aside from being an activity that must be carried out by housewives, cooking can also be a hobby for some people.

So often cooking with the same menu, it must make you and your family bored and want to try new types of cuisine that have never been felt.

Many ways to make a menu of cooking one of them by buying recipe books. By buying a recipe book, you will get a lot of recipes that are ready to be learned.

However, using a reference for recipe books will not make you grow quickly and be smart in cooking. The recipes in the recipe book are usually limited and not what you want.

In this digital age all things you can find instantly through the internet including recipes. Lots of recipe applications that are always the latest recipe updates that you can try to learn.

What is yummy apk

Yummy APK is an application that provides thousands of recipes, drinks and snacks that are always updated and easily followed by people who cannot cook at all.

Besides being used to find recipes, Yummy App can also be used to upload recipes. Surely those of you who are good at cooking want the recipe to be divided to all Yummy APK users.

How to download yummy apk

You can use the Yummy App Application on 2 types of devices, namely Android and iOS devices.

Please download the Yummy Apk recipe application for Android below:

Yummy – Sharing Recipes and Finding Inspiration and Detail Detail DeveloperDN MEDIAOS Minimum 5.1 and above 33 MBJJY Types of Food & Beverage Link Download here

Please download the Yummy App recipe application for iOS below:

Yummy – Sharing Recipe for Detail DeterminationDevelopermedia Putra Nusantara, PTOS MINIMALIOS 9.0 ON SUTCOLES96.6 MBJJAH TYPEFood & DRINKLINKDownload HERE

How to register at yummy apk

Open the Yummy App Application

After the application is installed, the next step is to open the Yummy APK application on your smartphone device. If there is a notification “allow yummy to create and manage phone calls?” then you select “allow”

Create a Yummy App account

After the application is successfully opened, the next step click the “Account” menu at the bottom of the right of the application.

The next step click “List Now”

You can register on Yummy App with 3 ways, namely using Facebook, Google and telephone numbers.

For example, I register using a Google account, click on the Google button.
After that select the Google account that you want to use to register on Yummy Apk

Complete Yummy App Account Data

Please enter your phone number then click Verification. Wait until the OTP code enters your number then type in the column provided.

By using telephone number verification, your Yummy account will be safer than people who want to steal your account.

After the data is verified, the next step is to complete your biodata in the form of date of birth, gender and location.
After the Biodata Self -Filled Self -Filling, the next step click the “Done” button

Yummy App Features

Although the size of the Yummy APK application is very small, it has very complete features. The following features possessed by Yummy App Mod 2023.

Recipe filter feature (based on price)

Recipe filter features based on prices you can use to find recipes according to the budget you have. Suppose you have a budget of Rp.50,000 then you will get a recipe that fits a budget of Rp.50,000

Recipe filter feature (based on time)

The duration in cooking by some people is considered important, maybe for mothers who work in the office must prepare food for their children quickly, then you can use this feature.

With the recipe filter feature based on time, you can choose which recipe you want to use based on the length of time to make it.

Recipe filter feature (based on portions)

No less important than the features possessed by Yummy App is a recipe filter feature based on portions. You can filter recipes up to 30 servings. Cool is not this Yummy application.

How to upload recipes on yummy mod apk

For those of you who like to cook and want to share their recipes with other Yummy App users, you can upload it on Yummy APK Mod, you know. How to? Let’s follow the steps below:

Make a recipe

Please open the Yummy App application then click the Community menu at the bottom of the application.

The next step click create a recipe

If there is an event & promotion, you can take part in the event because you will usually get a prize according to the event.

Please write the recipe title you want to share then enter the recipe description (maximum 70 characters)

Enter the ingredients used in the recipe that you make in the column provided. On


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