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Youtube Music Premium Mod Apk – Like to listen to music on the YouTube platform but likes to be disturbed because when the music application is out? If it’s true then you try the Youtube Music Pro Apk application that we will review this time, so you refer to the review carefully so that you know the review in detail.

Who does not know the YouTube platform, because if you have a smartphone or PC device, it is certainly memorized correctly with the YouTube application, because this is the most widely used social media application now lined up with Tiktok.

Because if you are riding and need entertainment in the form of video, youtube is your main goal, right? Because there is indeed a YouTube application you will get a lot of interesting videos with different genres such as funny videos, music videos and so forth.

And over time finally YouTube did a lot of innovations in one of the innovations that we can now feel with the YouTube Music application that we will discuss this time.

What is YouTube Music?

Youtube Music is a YouTube application that puts forward audio content for you to enjoy, because as you know that now many YouTube users only want to listen to their favorite songs without the need to see the video clip of the songs they listen to.

And of course it will make your internet quota, because you only want to listen to the audio, so you need to use this YouTube Music Apk, because by playing your favorite music without the need to see the video, so you can save your internet quota right?

It’s just that this application is the same as YouTube that usually has an ad system in every audio that you listen to, of course it will be very annoying and to eliminate it you have to update a premium account which needs to issue a budget to do top up.

And for the cost of subscribing to your own payment per month such as the JOOX application and so on, therefore many people who want to use YouTube Music Pro APK, because it is said that using it they can get premium features for free. So what are the Premium Mod Music Youtube features that you can get?

YouTube Music Premium feature

Now if you are curious about wanting to know what features you can get before getting and using the application? If true then please just refer to the review as follows:

Can download songs

The first premium feature that you can get from this Premium Music YouTube application is that you can download the songs that you like in the application as you like and you can enter it in the playlist that you make.

Can make a playlist

In the free version you will not be able to make your own musical playlist, and that will certainly feel uncomfortable for you to use, but by using the premium version then you can make your own song playlist, so that all your favorite songs can be played at any time.

Play the song in the smartphone background

What makes a plus from YouTube Music Premium is that it can play music even though your YouTube music application is close, and this can also be used when you play games or use other applications, so at any time you can listen to music in the application.

Without advertisements

By activating youtube premium music you will not find advertisements when starting music or after listening to music, so you won’t be disturbed anymore.

After you get information about the Youtube Music Premium Mod application, of course you now want to get the application right?

Download YouTube Music Premium Mod Apk

Now for those of you who want to get the application, you can directly download the YouTube Music Pro Precuim Mod Apk that we have provided in this review, so you can easily get it, and here are the details:

By getting this application which is only 18MB of size, you will get a variety of interesting features and premium features for free. And the next step you only need to install and use it on your smartphone.

How to install and use youtube music

For those of you who don’t know how to install applications on Android phones, you just need to look at the installation tutorial as follows:

First download the premium music youtube that I have provided earlier

Then look for the APK file and click Install

If transferred to the Ministry of Settings you click Sumber Unknown

Click the back button and you will click install again

The install process will start and wait for it to finish

If you now open the application and please login

Then look for music that you like and play the music.

How to get free premium features on youtube music

As you know, YouTube Music is currently holding a free promo for free premium features for one month and you can use the promo to get these features without the slightest cost and this is the way.

Open the YouTube Music application

Login with the Gmail account that you have

On the main menu click the Upgrade button

Then click try free

Select the payment method (free) and click buy

For the first time trying this PUMUIM feature you will not be charged a or free fee for 1 month, and if you want to continue to get this premium feature for free then you need to create many gmail accounts and funds so that later you can change accounts if the active period of the premium feature will run out.

Now you can get premium features on this music youtube for free right? And it’s very easy for you to do and for free, so when else can you get this feature for free, so immediately do the trick before the promo runs out and you have to pay.

Thus the review that I can convey about YouTube Music Premium Mod Apk, and M

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