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When cellphones came into the hands of people, then communication through messages did bring a revolution. In fact, it changed the whole way of doing things. After that, a critical need arose, which is the security of communication.

This need made people create new solutions. That’s why WhatsApp came into the market and rose to the heights of popularity. Almost one billion people are using it now. But, this article will tell you about WhatsApp Plus APK— a sister app that has more features and functionalities. So, everyone can communicate with end-to-end encryption. We want you to read the article for complete detail. So keep reading to find out more.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023 | Anti-Ban

Whatsapp Plus APK is one of the most popular modded versions of the Official Whatsapp and has been used by millions of users. This APK app is designed by so many advanced and latest features that are lacked by the official version. Yes, with Whatsapp Plus APK you can hide your last seen, change various themes and much more. Whatsapp Plus APK is one of the user- friendly messaging app like GBWhatsapp and the best cheapest way to stay in contact with your friends and loved ones. In short, it is the simplest way to connect with people whether they are living in any part of the World.

Besides, Whatsapp Plus APK does not claim any hidden charges so you can use it without any stress of paying something. This messaging APK app is the best way to impress your friends with the stunning features of Whatsapp Plus APK. 

File Information:

File NameWhatsapp Plus APK
Android Requires5.0+
Size52.3 MB
License TypeFreeware
Last Updated1 day ago

WhatsApp Plus APK

It is a similar app working exactly like WhatsApp. And it was introduced in the market in 2012. Developer and senior XDA member Rafalete created this App by modifying the original WhatsApp application. He changed the basic code and introduced a new user interface. The logo of the original App is green, which is changed to gold. Rafale added more functionalities and features, which we will discuss later in the article. Are you Also Looking for Aero WhatsApp APK Check

This App uses end-to-end encryption for communicating messages. And you will find every functionality of the original App in it.

Whatsapp Plus APK is one of the most popular modded versions of the Official Whatsapp and has been used by millions of users. This APK app is designed by so many advanced and latest features that are lacked by the official version. Yes, with Whatsapp Plus APK you can hide your last seen, change various themes and much more. Whatsapp Plus APK is one of the user- friendly messaging app like GBWhatsapp and the best cheapest way to stay in contact with your friends and loved ones. In short, it is the simplest way to connect with people whether they are living in any part of the World.

WhatsApp Plus is now one of the most popular WA Mod application options that have been downloaded by many users, because this application is updated regularly. So that the various features that are presented are really interesting for users.

There are many features in WA Plus that have surpassed the various features offered by the original WA application in general.

The developer of this application modifies the original WA application by adding a powerful feature that can hide the online alert and the “Trying” sign.

If you want to try some features that you cannot find in the original WhatsApp, you can try to learn about its features and then download them below.

About WhatsApp Plus App

WhatsApp Plus is a type of WA Mod application that has been modified by adding advanced features that the original version of the WhatsApp application does not have.

This application has dozens of cool features that you may not find in the original version, thus making this application very attractive for pre-teens or millennial children today.

So what are the features of the application commonly called WA Plus so that millennials are interested? One of them is the download feature for people’s statuses, a large selection of cool emojis and a wide selection of types of themes.

And for more information about the features in the WhatsApp Plus application. You can see the list of features below.v

Features of WhatsApp Plus Mod APK

There are several features of the latest WhatsApp Plus Mod APK that you need to know, so you can find out the advantages and disadvantages when using this WA Plus application.

The following is an explanation that we will describe about the features of the WA + application, please read carefully, yes.

Have Many Themes

Many themes are available for you in this feature. You can choose a theme according to your own wishes. Different from the original WhatsApp theme. So, you can use this feature if you are interested in using this one application.

More Emoji Choice

The feature that further makes this one more interesting than the official app is the emojis. The official version of WhatsApp already offers some emojis and is finally trying to develop stickers.

However, WhatsApp’s innovation efforts by displaying these stickers have not satisfied its users. While WhatsApp Plus makes an interesting alternative choice with a more and more interesting selection of emojis.

Can Read Deleted Messages

One of the features found in almost all WhatsApp Mods is the ability to read messages that have been deleted, even on GB WhatsApp. This feature is one of the excellent features that you can also find on WhatsApp Plus.

Surely you must have been curious about WhatsApp messages that were recovered or deleted before you read the message, right?

When you use WhatsApp Plus you will find a feature to read messages that have been deleted, where this feature you can still read messages even though the message has been deleted.

This feature is very useful for those of you who often receive WhatsApp messages that are deleted by the sender and you haven’t had time to read the sent messages.

Auto Reply Message Feature

It is undeniable that when you have a business, WhatsApp contacts are a supporting tool for promotion and communication.

But unfortunately, the original WhatsApp failed to provide an automatic message reply feature service to customers who contacted it.

You don’t have to worry, because you can find this one feature service for free with WA Plus. This ensures that your business communication services can be designed much more efficiently.

Each incoming customer message can be set to reply automatically. Just set each keyword according to your needs.

Send Or Transfer Files With Larger Sizes

The WhatsApp application has a function to communicate via messages, video calls and sending audio files or photos/images. However, if you want to send a video or image file, you have to pay attention to the number of files to be sent.

Because the original version of the WhatsApp application only has a limit of 16 MB for sending files. Therefore, users are now switching to using the WhatsApp Plus application due to larger file transfers.

So, those are some of the excellent features of the WA + application, actually there are still many features it has. But to be clear, please download the application and look for other excellent features.

The internal structure of this App and WhatsApp is the same, and it has all the functionalities of the original App. We will tell you about the features that are new and worthy of mentioning.

Here are the distinguishing features.Theme facility

This App allows users to choose themes, which are unique, versatile and appealing to eyes. The whole UI is customizable. You can select the color of text, buttons, and graphics. The original App does not allow any customization. That’s why this App provides ease for choosing the right visual appearance. There are more than 700 themes available in the App. And you do not have to download themes separately. This App downloads the themes by itself and arranges them by name, date, and version.

Check FMWhatsAPP APK Here More emoticons

The original App has emoticons that make the conversation more emotional and real. But this App has added more emoticons to its collection. It has added the emoticons of Google Hangouts for better communication. But there is a catch. Only WhatsApp plus users can view the emoticons. If you send emoticon and receiver has the original App, then new emoticons will not show in the message.Hiding options

The users of the original App were tired of other people getting them interrupted while seeing them online. That’s why WhatsApp plus introduced hiding option. You can hide your status from any person or group. This option produced new freedom within the domain of encrypted communication.Advanced file sharing option

The original WhatsApp allows only files up to 16 MB, which causes an intriguing tension among data distributors. This App enables file sharing up to 50 MB, which is convenient for users. Moreover, this App also provides file modification from 2MB to 50MB. The advanced file sharing option is absent in the original App.Cleaner:

With this feature, you can delete all the unnecessary chat, clear chats, and all other extra stuff that you want to clean.Recording Status:

How to Install the WA Plus Application

Because the applications that we share in this review are from outside the Playstore and Appstore. Therefore, the way to install applications is very different from what is usually done when installing applications or games downloaded from the Playstore.

But you don’t need to worry, because we have prepared a complete way to install WhatsApp plus on Android below:

  • First, download WhatsApp Plus from the link we provided above.
  • After that, go to Settings / Settings on the Android smartphone that you are using.
  • Then look for the Security/Security option and select the Unknown Source menu.
  • You give a small check box to activate the option.
  • Next, find the file you just downloaded in the file manager menu.
  • Click Install when you have found the APK file.
  • Please wait while the Install process is in progress.
  • Done and now the app is installed and ready to use.

You need to know, if you have and want to use this WhatsApp Plus application, the first thing you have to do is check the RAM capacity of your smart device.

Because this application only supports Android devices with a RAM capacity greater than 2GB and has a minimum memory storage space of 4GB.

Whatsapp Plus APK is designed with another great feature that helps you to hide your recording status from others.Auto-Reply:

This feature is only available for the Whatsapp Business Accounts, but Whatsapp Plus has come up with this feature to facilitate its users. So, by using this feature you can set and send an Auto-reply message to people you want.Wallpapers:

Another incredible feature of this wonderful app is its unlimited Wallpapers. Everyone loves to set unique wallpapers on their wall and with this feature you can set amazing wallpaper on your chat screen.History and Logs:

Whatsapp Plus APK has been designed with another awesome feature of History and Logs that was not offered by official Whatsapp. In this case, you can keep the record of every activity that is done on your account. This feature can be very beneficial for you in various ways.Fonts and Styles:

Everyone wants to keep different types of styles of fonts and with this feature, you can get a variety of different colors, sizes, styles, and shapes of fonts.Sharing:

This app allows the user to share the things in a way that Official Whatsapp does not support. It allows you to share HD quality images, videos longer than 30 seconds, 50 MB of video size, and 100 MB of Audio size.

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