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WhatsApp Aero Apk Mod – Whatsapp Aero is a whatsapp mod with a large user base. This alternative WA application is quite popular for some people to use, to get features that are unique and different from regular WA.

In this article, you can find reviews about the Aero WhatsApp mod, the download link for the WA Aero APK, available features, and so on. In addition, there are also a number of things you MUST pay attention to before installing this alternative WhatsApp mod application.

Whatsapp Aero features

WA Aero was developed by Hazar Bozkurt, a mobile application developer from Turkey. Hazar Bozkurt developed this WA with various additional features that are different from the original version.

Some of the features embedded in Aero WA include:

  1. More Relieved Privacy Settings

You can hide online status, hide tick 2 when reading messages, hide us from other people’s status viewer lists, etc.

Not only that, this WA mod can also hide other statuses such as recording, writing, listening to audio files sent to us, and so on.

  1. Anti Delete Incoming Messages

In real WA, someone can delete the message sent a few seconds after we receive it. Sometimes, we wonder what the contents of the deleted message were.

Now, in WA aero, messages that have entered us will no longer be able to be deleted. It will still appear and be stored in our WA. So there is no need to be curious about other people’s messages.

  1. Various Theme Options

So far there are around 3000 themes to choose from. So many, huh? I’m sure you won’t use all of them anyway. I want to change the theme every day, but it still takes years until everything is finished.

You can choose a unique WA theme, according to your individual tastes.

  1. There is a Logs File

In the Logs feature, you can see the records of who has been online. Not only that, we can also see who changed the profile picture, created a new status, and the like.

  1. Wider Media Share Options

You can send video files up to 700 MB. This is much larger than the original WA capacity.

In addition, we can also send large image files (HD). The maximum image size that can be sent is 50 MB.

  1. Personalization / Customize Appearance

Bored with the default WA font? just change. Not only fonts, you can also set other things like colors, check marks, chat / message display, and so on.

  1. There is a Password / Message Lock feature

Sometimes we feel uncomfortable lending our cellphones to other people. I’m afraid that people will read our private messages on WA.

To avoid this, you can set a password to open WA or open only certain WA messages. This certainly makes our cellphones safer too.

  1. Widget feature

When you install it, this application will also install a special widget. Later you can set this widget so that it appears on the homescreen of your cellphone, or in another place.

With this special widget, you can view the profile page on Aero mod, setting online or offline status, and also view status, without having to enter the WA menu.

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