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Super Sus Mod Apk – Super Sus Mod Apk is a type of game that requires you to challenge one of the cheaters (cheats) in your party.

Of course, you already know games that have games like this, because games like this have already existed in previous games, among us. This game can be considered as a game between us which has HD graphics and 3D features supported by the game.

In this game, of course, there are different roles for each player. In this way, you will have different roles and responsibilities for each member of the group. In this game, there is a choice of different skins which is the main attraction of every player.

But skins are not free, open skins need to collect in-game money by opening a skin you can even pay real money to get it. But with this modified version called Super Sus Mod, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. For a modded version you will get some special features that will help you really play.

In this article, we will provide information about Super Sus Mod Apk. Of course, it will be useful for those who want to play it. And of course, we will guide you on how to install and also how to download this application.

Know Super Sus Mod Deeper

Super Sus Mod Apk is a multiplayer game that has almost the same gameplay as Between Us. But in this game, there is a difference in the graphics shown.

Because Super Sus Mod Apk displays 3D graphics. This game has the same background as among us which is in space which adds to the tension of playing this game.

This game is easy to understand and certainly not boring gameplay as there are many different game types. It makes players less likely to get bored and angry while playing it. This game, with the developer PI Production, has different games for each player.

The roles in the game are members and cheats with different roles and responsibilities. For team members, you will be tasked with completing tasks in the game.

For a rogue, you will be tasked with creating a plan to kill the gang. Of course, for the deceiver, there will be a challenge in himself, which will not be caught if he is the one who killed the real partner.

In this way, you will blame each other. But in bringing charges, one must rely on the information seized to accuse the impostor.

In this game, a variety of interesting skins will be offered and there are many other things that can meet your needs to play. Of course, the skins and items provided will be purchased with in-game items or real money.

But you don’t need to think about it because with Super Sus Mod Apk that we will give you, you will get features that will help you play. In fact, in this article, we will explain what features you will get by installing the modified version that we will provide.

Features in Super Sus Mod Apk

After knowing more about Super Sus Mod Apk, we will explain what are the features of the modded version. Of course, the features in this modified version will help you to play games. For those who are curious about the features, pay attention to the details below.

1. Unlimited game money

In this game, of course, you will have money in a game that has many different functions. To get money in this game, you have to collect it by playing continuously and you can also get it by logging in every day in the game.

In-game currency can be used to unlock different skins and many other useful items.

And of course, when you collect them, you will have a hard time, because you will always play. Super Sus Mod Apk is the solution to this problem.

Because in this modded version, you will get unlimited game money feature. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting it back. And also you can use it for free as you want.

2. Open all available skins

In sports, of course, the skin is a special attraction for players. Since the player is using the skin, it must be the skin that shows they are playing the game.

However, in fact, the skin provided by the game is not free. This skin can be unlocked with in-game money that you have managed to collect or you can also pay with real money.

With the modified version we have to offer, you don’t have to worry about existing skins anymore. Because Super Sus Mod Apk has provided a feature that unlocks all the skins in the game.

Therefore, you can use different skins to change each time you play. In this way, you will not be able to get tired of the skin – that’s it.

3. No ads

In fact, the ads that pop up all of a sudden make you angry. To remove these ads, you will often be asked to pay.

With this modded version, random ads will not bother you, as it has an ad blocker feature. Therefore, you will get the feeling of playing more fun games without distractions and ads.

4. Wide beam

In this game, you will have maximum visibility. This vision comes in the form of lights for every player in the playgroup. With the modified version that we will give you, you will get different types of light.

In this way, you will be able to get a broader view of other players. In fact, this will help you identify who the scammer is and make it easier for you as a scammer.

Differences in Super Sus Mod Apk with original version

When you know the features that you will get if you install the modified version, you will surely enjoy playing with this version.

But for those who don’t know the difference between Super Sus Mod Apk and the original version, don’t worry. Because in this article we will explain something different.

Modified original version
Money in the game is unlimited and does not need to be collected in advance. In-game currency is limited and must be collected first
Unlock all the skins in the game The skins in the game are locked and you have to pay to unlock them
There are no in-game ads. There are in-game ads.
Has a large light bulb with the maximum brightness of the light bulb

Super Sus Mod Apk Details and Download Links

When you know the features that you will get from Super Sus Mod Apk, of course, you are interested in installing it. For those who want to install it, we will provide you the download link. We will also explain the details that you must have so that no errors occur while playing Super Sus Mod Apk.

Part description
App Name Super Sus Mod Fast
Production PI Production
Application size 45 MB
Application V1.24 2022
Behavior type

How to install Super Sus Mod Apk

After downloading from the link we provided, you must first complete the installation process and play it. Here we will guide you on the steps to install Super Sus Mod Apk.

  • Make sure that the process download from our given link is completed on your device.
  • Go to device settings and open more settings. Then open the security and settings menu.
  • Allow unknown sources in your device’s security settings.
  • Then open the file manager on the device and find the file downloaded from the link we provided earlier.
  • Click on file and click install.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish.
  • And you can play Super Sus Mod Apk on your device.

The last word

Many articles about Super Sus Mod Apk, hope this article can help you players of this game. We recommend this game for those who are interested. See you in the next article.

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