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Real Bike Racing Mod APK  – If you feel bored with racing games that are too complex and prioritize animation effects rather than the essence, then this is the time for you to try Drag Bike Racing Edition Mod Indonesia. This game takes you to a unique and fun track.

Drag Bike Racing is a motorbike racing competition that is carried out on a 201 meter long track. This game seems simple with mediocre graphic quality, but it’s still fun to play. To find out everything about this game, watch this article to the end.

Review Real Bike Racing Mod APK 

The Drag Bike Racing game is one of the games developed by domestic developers. Until finally Rizky Mosh made a modification that made several additional features available in the game. Starting from unlimited money, unlock premium features, etc.

Drag Bike Racing itself presents a game with simple gameplay. You will only be matched with your opponent on a 201 meter track. All you have to do is prepare the bike and adjust the timing when competing.

Even in terms of graphics, you can’t expect like other racing games like Asphalt 8, Need for Speed ​​or Real Racing. Everything is served so simply. For the Indonesian version itself, the nuances that are carried will bring you to a real racing event.

One characteristic of this game is the collection of motorbikes that are used to compete speed, they consist of motorbikes that we often see on the streets of Indonesia. Starting from Jupiter MX, Ninja R, to Suzuki Satria FU. All appear with various modifications.

Champion every race you get and get a prize in the form of money to buy a new motorbike or upgrade. For Drag Bike Racing Editon Mod Indonesia, you don’t need to bother to upgrade to the premium version because all of its features are unlocked.

Racing games have been popular these past few decades. It’s because of games such as Need for Speed and the likes, we’re seeing more and more racing games right now. They paved the way to how racing games are played today. If you’re a fan of these games, then you’ll love this one!


Real Bike Racing is a bike racing game developed by Italic Games. This game has an astounding 100 million downloads in Google Play Store alone! This epic bike racing game allows you to experience real bike racing in the most fantastic way possible. In here, you can collect more than 10 superbikes, access full functions and more! The 3D graphics itself is a sight to behold. Read on to learn more.

What is Real Bike Racing Mod APK ?

Racing games have been rising lately. They are popular because they present a gameplay that are fit for mobile devices. They are easy to play, enjoyable and a universal experience for everyone. You don’t need to be into anything to play these games! If you’re a fan of racing games, then you’ll love this one.


Real Bike Racing is the ultimate bike racing game with over 100 million downloads in Google Play Store. In here, you can drive more than 10 superbikes that are unique. Aside from that, the fully-functioning rear view mirrors, controls and the game itself is a masterpiece. It can’t get any realistic than what this game offers! If you’re looking for your next racing game, this one is for you! Read on to find out more

Features of Real Bike Racing Mod APK 

Real Bike Racing is an awesome bike racing game that allows you to enjoy a true bike racing experience. In this one, you get to drive tons of bikes in different racetracks and with different opponents! Here are its features:

Unique gameplay – There are plenty of racing games in the market right now. However, not a lot of them are about bike racing. We all know that bike racing can be more adrenaline-rushing than car racing games at times. And if you’re craving for one, Real Bike Racing is for you! In this epic game, you get to race with expert bike racers! You can also collect more than 10 types of unique superbikes with different specs. The graphics are great, controls are realistic and most of all, the game is enjoyable! What more can you ask for in a game?


Superbikes – In this game, you get to drive over 10 unique superbikes. Each of these are unique and have different styles not to mention specs. Each of them costs money as well so you need to win a lot of races to afford them! Aside from that, you can further customize your bikes according to color. Try to drive all the bikes so you’ll know which one is the perfect for you!

3D Graphics – The 3D graphics of this game at the time of the release is considered to be revolutionary. This game paved the way to other similar games to be recognized today. In this game, you get to drive realistic-looking bikes as well as the surroundings. Aside from that, there are plenty of other bikes that your opponents will drive in this game.

Controls – The controls of Real Bike Racing are what truly sets it apart from the rest. This game features realistic controls that poses challenge at times. This game deviates from all the normal bike racing games of today. This can be even considered a classic now!


Supports VR Mode – In this game, you can play the game in VR mode! This supports Google Cardboard and more! Now, you can get a more realistic bike racing game!

Real Bike Racing Mod APK – Unlimited money

Real Bike Racing is an awesome bike racing game that lets you drive different superbikes! Download the unlimited money mod now.

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