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November 2021
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PPSSPP Gold Mod Apk Download PSP Emulator – Before the rise of games on Android, of course the game on PS2 became the most popular game of its era. For game lovers certainly no stranger to PSP games. But with the rise of games through Android devices, PSP games have begun to be abandoned. Especially with the scarcity of devices from the PSP. However, for those who want to be happy with PSP games, you can use an application called ppsspp gold pro apk.

PPSSPP-Gold -Apk

Then what is PPSSPP Apk? So in this explanation we will describe all the functions and links to download the application. Please read to the end.


The ppsspp gold apk free application is an emulator that is used to run PSP or Playstatuin Portable ISO files. By using this application the user is able to run games made for portable consoles made by Sony. So it can be said that this application can be used to run games from PSP via an Android device.

Control of the game via the PPSSPP application will be the same when using PSP. Of course the width of the layer will affect the convenience of use. The wider the layer, the more comfortable it is to control the game.

The list of games from the PPSSPP application is quite a lot. Almost all PSP games are in this application. Starting from Naruto, Little Big Planet, Soul Calibur, Patapon, Final Fantasy, GTA and many more. By using ppsspp gold free, users will enjoy a catalog of games that can be used using Android.

The advantages of using the PPSSPP application will of course be very visible in terms of graphics. If you use an Android device, the graphics quality will be sharper when compared to using a PSP. Then it will be more exciting and fun.

But thanks to PPSSPP Gold, you can now play PSP games right in your smartphone! This popular app with over 100 thousand downloads in Google Play Store allows you to do so! If you love playing PSP games and would love to play it in your smartphone, read on below!

What is PPSSPP Gold?

When we were kids, we use to play games on consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. These were the popular ways to play games before smartphones took over the world by storm. These were a great way to play games since you can literally play hundreds of games as long as you have a console back then. But since we now have smartphones, we don’t have a need for consoles as much as before.

Why is PPSSPP Gold Emulator Apk?

Using PPSSPP Gold will certainly make the game even more amazing. Many say that the gold version of this application will improve the process of the game to be played. The Gold version will also be paid if downloaded via Google PlayStore. Then it will look far in terms of the game.

If you look back, the Gold version of PPSSPP will provide more features than the regular version of PPSSPP. This feature will of course provide additional process and performance from the game. Then for the latest update from this application that is V1.9.4 there will be some amazing games.

Little Big Planet
Dragon Ball Z
Persona 2, Persona 3
Pro Evolution Soccer
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
Final Fantasy: Type-0
Burnout Legends, Burnout Dominator
Soul Calibur
Monster Hunter 2 Unite
Grand Theft Auto
And many other games.

How to Set No Lag

Running games in the PPSSPP Gold game download application certainly won’t be as smooth as playing on the PSP. Usually users will experience lag or blackscreen. But of course there will be a solution to deal with this problem. Namely by using the following steps.

First open the application that is already installed on the Android device. Then open the system / general / menu and select restore. If so, then follow the steps below.

Graphics and Audio Settings

If you have done the restore step then go directly to the graphic settings. Then do the following steps.

Select the graphic settings menu, this step is to determine the smoothness of the game, prevent lag and blackscreen and slack in playing games.
In the Backend settings, select OpenGL
Then for Mode select Buffered Rendering
Don’t forget to uncheck the box on Block Transfer Effecets

Note: In the Buffered rendering option, make sure to select Buffered. But there will be many games that are more suitable with the skip buffered option. But there will also be games that directly blackscreen if using skip buffered. Then just adjust according to the selected game. If so then continue the following steps.

Checklist in Immpersive mode
Checklist on Hardware Transform
Checklist on Skinning Software
Checklist on Vertex Cache
Checklist on Lazy Texture Caching
Checklist on Disable Slower Effects
Hardware Tesselation Checklist
Then in Texture Filtering select Linear
And the Screen Scaling Filter change to Linear.

Continue to do audio settings on ppsspp gold mod apk so that the sound produced is more stunning. Then for Audio settings change Audio Latency to Low. Even with the low setting the sound produced will still be stunning and clearer.

PPSSPP Gold System Settings

Continue to system settings. This will be very important to do if you use the PPSSPP application. So don’t forget to do the tuning according to the following steps.

Change the CPU Clock settings by changing the Change Emulated PSP�s CPU Clock (usstable) to 400.
Then underneath there will be a Rewind Snapshot Frequency (mem hog) change to 200.
Finally, the I / O timing method changes to Simulate UMD Delays.

To directly practice the steps above, you can download the free PPSSPP Gold application using the link below.

Download PPSSPP Gold Emulator Mod Apk

How to Install the Application

If you have downloaded the application via the link above then install the application using the following steps.

Download the ppsspp gold apk free MOD version until it’s complete.
Make sure the “unknown source” application install is activated.
Click the application on the download menu. Then install until the process is complete.
Open the application and then the settings according to the steps above.

Thus is the discussion of PPSSPP applications. Hope it can be useful for PSP game fans. So don’t forget to download the free PPSSPP gold download application via the link above. Happy reminisce.

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