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Ninja Heroes Mod Apk – Android game with the theme of Ninja does have its own place in the hearts of fans.

The proof is that now many ninja -themed games have sprung up and there are still many who play it. Not just games, many films also like.

For example the Naruto film, from the beginning of the release to the end and gave birth to the next generation still many who liked me, including myself.

It will definitely be very exciting to be a ninja and adventure in the village of Konoha where Naruto and his friends live.

Actually it can be done by playing the Ninja Heroes Mod Apk game.

A glimpse of the ninja heroes mod apk

Ninja Heroes Mod Apk offers a variety of interesting features to make the experience playing more exciting and fun.

Ninja Heroes is a game that was adopted from the Naruto anime series so that this game is very suitable to be played by this best anime lovers.

This game was previously widely played on the PlayStation 2 console or the like, but now you can also play it on Android.

Well, for those of you who are interested, this time Jaka will review and provide a download link Ninja Heroes Mod Apk 2023. Check below, let’s go!

Ninja Heroes is included in the RPG (Role Playing Game) genre that takes stories from Naruto anime. All jutsu characters and abilities in this game, are also exactly the same as those in Naruto anime.

Download the Latest Ninja Heroes Mod Apk Unlimited Coin and Gold

Download Ninja Heroes Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Silver) v1.8.1 Latest 2023 for free Android.

Ninja Heroes is a game that was adopted from the Naruto film. Maybe many of these game gamers like Naruto films. So it’s not strange if this game is played a lot.

The Ninja Heroes Mod Apk game with this action genre was once widely played on PS2 or the like. However, currently users can also play it on Android. Ninja Heroes Mobile is very suitable to fill spare time.

This game contains content for everyone and can be downloaded and then installed on devices that already support Android 4.1 and newer.

Download the application using your favorite browser and click install to install the application. Keep in mind that we provide the latest version of the Ninja Heroes Mod Apk file and provide faster speed in downloading this game than elsewhere.

Detail Linja Heroes Mod ApkDeveloperred Game Studioos Minimum android 4.1 and above 57MB

Download here

Latest Ninja Heroes Update Game Features

Ninja Heroes is an action Android RPG game that is very popular among Naruto anime fans.

In the modified version of the alias mod, you can play it like the original version. It’s just that you can get additional features like Unlimited Gold.

This game is designed based on the story of Naruto who wants to become a Hokage. There are a variety of different characters that are ready to play.

You must prepare yourself to be a strong ninja and ready to fight the enemy by setting strategies and forming the best line up.

Coins and gold unlimited

Users can get coins and also unlimited gold which is useful for buying various items in the shop.

Available VIP 1-12

Users can play the secret tricks of VIP 1 to 12 for free without having to pay it.


There are so many types of ninja that users will find in this game when users download Ninja Heroes 2019. Where this game provides up to 100 ninja which has different strengths.

Be careful with the ninja used, because each ninja has a different technique. Gather all the available ninja and try every technique that is owned.


Jutsu or move is a skill or technique that is owned by each ninja. Users need to memorize and study the moves possessed by each ninja to be able to defeat the opposing team.

Jutsu or stance available in this game reaches 100 jutsu ready to try. Determine the best move and then fight against the opposing team.

Arena PVP

Available PVP Arena in Ninja Heroes Mod Latest APK 2019 as an arena to fight enemies. Prepare the best team before entering this arena. The arena who is ready to witness a great battle between the user team and the opposing team. Prepare a balanced team to become a winner.

Select more than 100 Ninja

Ninja Heroes provides a very complete character. You can choose more than 100 ninja with a variety of expertise to be the main character.

Not only a complete character, in terms of skills or jutsu owned in this Naruto game is really the same as the anime series.

Automatic mode

Automatic mode is also available for users who are not yet proficient in showing their moves. This mode can help destroy all enemies without having to remove difficult stances. Automatic mode will make the game easier and simpler.

Unlocked all levels

In the official version on PS or Android, you must try hard to open all levels or arena in this most popular anime game.

Interestingly, in the mod version you can open all levels. You also don’t need to win a level to be able to open the next level.

Fun Endless

With Fun Endless features users can try to explore the world, upgrade all ninja, to practice ninja dexterity.

Tailed animals

When downloading Ninja Heroes APK 2019 users can use the opportunity to get tailed skills as help as well as adding the strength of the ninja to defeat the enemy. There are many types of tailed animals available with different strengths each type.

Free games

By downloading Ninja Heroes APK Pure users can play this game for free without requiring additional costs so that it will not burden users who really like this game.

Unlimited Gold and Silver

In the original version, many players have difficulty collecting gold and silver because the way is quite difficult and takes a long time.

However, thanks to the Ninja Heroes Mod Apk offline unlimited gold and silver, you can get these two types of coins easily to buy items in the shop.

The following is a summary of the advantages of Game Heroes Mod Apk:

Silver and gold coins are unlimited.

Available from 1-12 for VIP.

Fight using maximum energy.

Ninja: There are more than 100 ninja characters with different jutsu capabilities.

Ninja Stance: Learn and use a ninja jutsu, such as Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Senjutsu, and Dojutsu.

Jinchuriki: Being the strongest ninja by turning into jincuriki from tail biju 1 to tail 9.

Automatic Mode: Running battles automatically and making victory easier.

Fun Endles: Practicing to improve the ability of ninja to be able to hold an adventure in the ninja world.

Take a variety of tests such as the Genin, Cunin and others.

PVT Fighting Arena: You can challenge the opposing team and be the greatest invincible.

For the mod version, APK does not require an internet connection, played offline.

Can buy additional features to improve the ability to fight from the Ninja Heroes character.

Ninja Heroes Mod Apk Offline Unlimited

When we first play this game, we will use the Naruto character in completing the mission.

After successfully conquering challenges and completing

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