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Are you looking for information about the latest My Dear apps 2023? Don’t be confused about it because below is already there for you. Come, see more!

My Dear is an application that was presented by all kinds of companies during the “Kitakyushu Pop Culture Festival 2023” that took place on November 26th and 27th.

This app has a unique feature, where users can interact with anime characters. Like a good friend, the anime character will call and text.

Calls can be in the form of a character’s voice wishing you a happy birthday, waking up in the morning, telling other things from the incoming phone. Users can use letters to exchange any message,

it’s like chatting with friends. It will be a new experience for employees to enjoy their free time.

My Dear App APK has 6 characters that can be selected based on the user’s preferences including Udagawa Uika, Omomichi Otome, Miyu Miyamasu, Itsuki Kuga, Yuuhi Kuga and Hinata Kuga.

Each character has different characteristics, such as Udagawa Uika is a student with different intellectual abilities and is popular because he is always happy.

Then, Miyu Miyasu, a beautiful and shy girl who spends her time studying. Talking to others is a challenge for him and he tries to be prepared.

Selin, the Kuga brothers are also very talkative. Itsuki Kuuga is mature and willing to do anything, he is interested in becoming an idol after graduating from university.

Even if the font is different, everything the user asks will be answered correctly. This application can reduce fatigue and be a source of entertainment for users.

My Dear App APK was released in its home country, Japan, but it is still open by any version.

This app is only available for iOS devices while for Android it is not yet available. If you are interested in this application, you can find detailed information on the developer’s website. To access it.

The last word

My Dear App APK is a messaging app with anime characters. This app is only available in Japan and is in development, while it has not been confirmed in Indonesia.

Thank you for visiting the website and reading the entire article. Hopefully the articles presented can meet your current information needs.

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