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Melancholianna Mod Apk game is now available to make your game more exciting. You can play the APK Melancholianna game via Android and the modification version is also available.

The game with the theme of horror survival and so famous has also been present in the form of modifications that have many interesting features and are certainly more challenging.

Are you one of the lovers of this one horror game? If so, see the discussion that we will give about the excitement of the game Melancholianna Mod APK until the end.

Know Melancholianna Mod Apk

Before we discuss what features you can get from this Melancholianna Mod Apk, let’s first look at the storyline of the Melancholianna APK game.

This survival horror -themed game can make the heart beating fast and quite famous in Indonesia. This game is also quite easy to find in the Play Store, but now there is a more challenging modification version for lovers of this game.

With the success obtained by the game Melancholianna APK, the developer and the game maker are interested in repeating success in the Melancholianna APK modification series.

Melancholianna Mod Apk game has loyal fans and is still a game full of scary, scary, and still makes the players curious.

So of course it makes this Melancholianna Mod APK become an awaited game. Especially with the modification version that has been present to be more challenging the players in terms of visuals and the quality of the game presented.

With this interesting background story, it is enough to make Melancholianna Mod Apk said to have a good storyline.

And with this mission that has been given, you must be able to make a good strategy and skill. In order to carry out the mission, you must also be good at using weapons with the right time so that the weapons you get are not easily used up when there are attacks from zombies.

Although the storyline that is in Melancholianna Mod Apk is so simple, but this game is still tense to play. Especially by using a modification version that presents a variety of additional features and making this game more exciting.

For Android users and available in the modification version. In this modification version, you can have many beneficial features and make the game more exciting.

The Latest Melancholianna Mod Apk 2023 feature

There are many benefits that you can get in this Melancholianna Mod Apk game compared to the Play Store version of the Melancholianna APK game. Here are the differences that you get if you play the game version of the modification and playstore version:

There is a unlimited money feature

In the game Melancholianna Mod Apk Download there is a unlimited money feature that you can get for free to buy many items in the game. This unlimited money feature will certainly not be found in the game Melancholianna APK Play Store version.

Free to use characters

With the unlimited money feature, you can freely use the characters available without having to buy it with real money. This feature will not be available in the Play Store version because you have to buy characters using real money.

Free to use weapons

In the old and new version of the Melancholianna Mod Apk game, you don’t need to buy weapons because all the weapons needed are open. Whereas in the Play Store version, you must buy the weapons needed using real money or coins.

The existence of unlimited ammo features

If in the Play Store version, you have to buy ammunition for every weapon you have at the In-Game store. In the modification version, there is an Ammo unlimited feature that you can use for each weapon used.

Offline mode

In the modification version, you can play this game in offline mode or not have to be connected to the internet. This advantage of course will not exist in the Play Store version because you have to play it in online mode.

Unlimited Health

In addition to the benefits you can get in the game Melancholianna Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Ammo above, you can also get unlimited health that makes your character not easily die.

Unlimited Health in question is that you can buy a medical kit for your character with unlimited money or unlimited money that you can diversify this modification. So once your character is injured, you can immediately restore health until the bar is full again.

This certainly does not exist in the Play Store version. If your character is injured and die, then the game will end and you have to repeat it again.

All levels are open

If in the Play Store version all levels are open one by one from the lowest to the highest, in this modification version all levels have been open all. So you can freely play the game according to the level you want.

Download Melancholianna Mod Apk 2023

With a tense storyline and mission in Melancholianna Mod APK, there must be many players who are interested, especially lovers of horror games. Are you one of them?

If you become one of the lovers of horror games or even interested in playing the game Melancholianna Mod Apk, you can try downloading this game and immediately play it.

Especially with various advantages and interesting features of the Melancholianna APK Mod game can make you more challenged to play it. To download the latest version of the Melancholianna Mod Apk application you can click the following link: Click here

Name of Application Melancholianna Mod Apkversi1.01.01 Size 112 Mbosandroid 4.1+Hargagratis

Download here

How to install the game melancholianna mod apk android

If you first install the Melancholianna Mod Apk PC or Android application, you can follow the steps below:

Download the application and OBB via the link available above

If you have finished downloaded then enter your smartphone settings. Then select the security department then activate an unknown source before installing the application

After that just install the application that you download

Wait until the install process is complete

If the application has been installed, extract the OBB file that you also download then put it in the “Android” folder then “OBB”

After that, then you can play GameMeLANCHOLIANNA APK with your heart’s modification version

The quality of the game Melancholianna Mod APK through Android devices is also not inferior to playing this game through a console or playstation.

Starting from the quality of the story, gameplay to the graphics displayed is also quite amazing and makes you addicted to playing it longer. Playing the official Melancholianna APK game will definitely be different from the modification version.

There will be more boundaries that you have to get when playing this game in the Playstore version.

In contrast to the modification version that has additional features provided you can use as much as you want without any limits, such as Unlimited Money and Unlimited AMMO features that help your characters to be more good at the game.

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