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MB WhatsApp Apk iOS – Currently almost all smartphone users have WhatsApp because the application is really needed for social media and communication purposes.

Actually, there are many other chat applications that we can meet but for some reason people always invite WhatsApp compared to some other Apks.

Moreover, currently WhatsApp has many types such as the regular version, business and others, not only that but the features in this chat application also have many interesting features that you can enjoy for free.

Recently, internet users have been busy with the emergence of a social media modification, namely MB WhatsApp iOS/iPhone Apk which has many features in it.

This WhatsApp Mod is very interesting and has a variety of themes that can be used for free, so WhatsApp users will not feel bored because they can continue to change the background.

To see in full what the features are and how to download and install MB WhatsApp iOS Apk, we provide more complete information to you as follows.

MB WhatsApp is a modified version of the original version by adding some premium features in it that can be activated for free.

This of course will be a bit like the use of Fouad WhatsApp which will not be popular with other WA Mods.

In the MB WA version, it has a slightly different appearance than usual because in the top menu there is a search available to use as a search mode.

As for the bottom view in the MB WhatsApp application, there are several menus such as camera, settings and status.

This WA Mod is also the same as for the modified version for the iOS type, so it’s not just Android that can use WhatsApp MB.

The size is quite light, which is around 56MB with various interesting features and lots of themes that you can get in version V.8.87.

MB WhatsApp iOS Features

Get to know some of the features that you can use when using the MB WhatsApp iOS application such as being able to change themes, hide messages and much more.

All the features in WA MB are not much different from GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, YoWhatsApp and so on.

As a consideration, you should first see what features are in the MB WB Apk iPhone to be more confident with this application, for the following information.

  1. Have 3000 Interesting Themes
    MB WhatsApp iPhone (iOS) Apk has 3000 themes with various interesting and beautiful backgrounds, you can choose according to taste because the choices in it are very many.

The theme itself is very important for an application because if it appears with an ordinary background it will not look attractive, but on the contrary if you use a beautiful, cool background, this view is certainly more pleasing to the eye.

  1. Cheats Without Save Contacts
    As we usually know, if sending messages interferes with the regular WhatsApp application, you must first save your cellphone number before you can send cheats.

But in the MB version of WhatsApp iOS Apk, users can directly send messages or chat without having to save a cellphone number to a smartphone, this is certainly more interesting than the original application.

  1. Disabling Forward Messages
    Usually, messages sent to other people can be forwarded or copied and then re-sent to others, but in MB WhatsApp iOS Apk it is not.

An interesting feature of the MB WA iPhone Apk is that we can disable Forward messages so that chats created by you cannot be sent to other people.

  1. Can Disable Withdraw Messages
    Sometimes many people cancel sending messages by pulling messages this may be caused by various reasons but in the modified version we can disable the latest features.

MB WhatsApp iOS Apk has the ability to stop the message drag feature so that if someone cancels the post it will still be able to be read and viewed.

  1. Turn off Last View Online
    This feature is one of the most liked because with MB WhatsApp iPhone Apk we can turn off when was last seen online.

This feature is useful if you don’t want to be seen while doing activities in the WhatsApp application so you can be more free online without having to be seen.

  1. Hide Online Status
    The next feature that you can enjoy for free is to hide your Online Status to prevent other people from knowing that you currently have a history update or message in your status.

You can set people who are not allowed to view the online status that you upload to WhatsApp MB iOS/iPhone Apk.

  1. Manage Incoming Calls/Messages
    Maybe in the chat application you’ve heard of the blacklist before, this feature is almost similar, but the difference is that in the MB version of WhatsApp iOS Apk, it can be done automatically.

This is different from the default WhatsApp application, you have to choose one by one to be able to manage who can contact us.

  1. Can Send More Pictures
    Usually, normal WhatsApp is quite heavy to send images of more than 10 JPG, but MB WA iPhone Apk is certainly able to do this because it has added capacity.

We can directly send more than 10 images or JPG without having to send one by one again so that it can be faster and more practical.

Download the Latest MB WhatsApp iOS (iPhone) 2022
MB WhatsApp (WA MB) iPhone iOS Apk Latest Version 2022
If you want to try using the MB WhatsApp iOS social media application, you can download it via the link that is already in the table.

But before that, you have to first look at the specifications of the MB WA Apk iPhone whether it is in accordance with the type of smartphone that is currently in use, if it is confirmed, please continue to download the following link.

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