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The APK MOD Instander – as it is already known that there are many smartphone users who already have an Instagram account. Because the Instagram application itself can be used to share videos or photos.

And this application itself is available in some interesting content that can be seen through this Instander application. However, the original version of Instagram application itself still has features and performance that is still quite slow and very limited features.

With this problem the developers of third -party application developers made the modification version of the instander application taken from the original version. Which has been added with several other features that are not on the original version of Instagram.

For those of you who want to know more about the APK MOD Instander application. Please refer to the full explanation below.

Review of the Mod Apk Institute

This modified version of the application itself is a supporter of the original version of Instagram. The MOD APK Institute itself has been modified by the application developers who have creative hands.

So that it can produce a modification version application that is better than the original version. This application is also equipped with several additional features which of course are not owned by the original version.

The developers themselves already have many MOD APK instander applications that can be used safely and easily, such as GBINSTAGRAM, INSTAGRAM PLUS, and OGINSTAGRAM The three applications already have the main features that are empty the same.

For those of you who are designed with the features in this MOD APK Instander application. Please refer to the full explanation below.

The main feature of the Instagram mod application

Like other modification version applications that already have a variety of main features that are owned, the APK MOD instander application itself already has the main features that you can use for free and easily in this application.

Here below are some of the main features that you can use, namely.


This one feature is one of the most popular features used by users to pose when using the Instagram application, the Boomerang feature.

Because you only by moving one part of the body or on the face for 2 to 3 times movement, for example such as eye movements, cheeks, lips, eyebrows, and so on.

The results themselves are quite unique, like someone who does an activity that is repeatedly with the same movement. You only need to take pictures according to the moment, so the video obtained will be very interesting and unique.

  1. Can add hashtags

This feature itself can be used to add hashtag when you want to create a story in the Instagram application.

Which has allowed you to place a sticker only by putting the hashtag on the selected sticker. This feature itself can make the posts that you make using hashtags so that they are easily found by other users.

  1. Rewind

This feature itself can already be used to turn around a video that is in the Instagram application that is fairly funny on SAT used.

Because the video itself will be displayed from the back point to the front corner, for example yourself like someone you record while walking eating will look like someone is like stepping back and forth.

  1. The message is deleted automatically

This application itself already has one of its cool features, there is already a message feature that can be deleted automatically.

This feature can be applied by entering first into the Direct Message icon (to receive and send messages). Then, you use a blue camera menu to be able to send a message in the form of a photo or video.

Then, after being read or seen by the recipient’s account, the photo or video sent will be deleted automatically and cannot be seen again by the recipient. What is different when activating the camera icon is gray, the message received will be sent automatically.

  1. Can be used without an internet connection

You can still use the Instander Mod Apk application itself even without an internet quota or wifi, but this feature itself can only be used for some interests.

Namely such as commenting, or giving like to another person’s post, editing videos or photos on the Insta Story menu. But you will still wait until it is connected back to the internet so that the video or photo created will be sent.

  1. Face filter

This feature itself is one of the latest features in the Instagram application, the face filter feature. For those of you who use the Snapchat application, you already know this feature, this feature itself can be used to display funny effects when using an Instagram camera.

This feature is usually used by female users who want to see their faces that can turn funny just by using this feature.

  1. Other features

Actually there are still a number of other features that you can still use when using this APK MOD Instander application. Here below there are several other features that still exist in this application, namely.

Bookmark features are available

Eraser brush

Posting a lot of content

Here are some of the excellent features possessed by this APK MOD Instander application that you can use easily and safely.

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