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Enjoying free internet is the dream of many people from the past which has now come true, namely using only one application, namely HTTP Injector Pro Apk.

In addition to getting free internet, we can also use this application as a VPN, which is an opener of blocked access.

To surf for free, you have to use the operator config that you are using on your smartphone.
Download http injector pro mod 2023
The name of this application is booming and as an application that is much sought after when the education quota is obtained for free it cannot be used.

Because by using this application we can change the quota into the main quota, so that quota can be used to open social media, play online games, or to surf the internet.

This application is not a newly released application, but because the developer made an update that made the system better, so it was very helpful for students when there were no quotas to study.

Features of HTTP Injector Mod Apk

Because many are curious about what the features are in this application, we will discuss them below.

SSH Tuning
For you to be more secure in connecting to the internet, you can use this one feature.

SSH tunneling is a technology whose function is to make a private point-to-point connection over a public network.

Debug Mode
The second feature in the HTTP Injection Pro Mod application serves to display all incoming and outgoing data.

This is done so that you can estimate and then find out how much quota you spend each day.

Application Filters
Another feature that you can use is the application filter, where its function is to filter which applications can use HTTP injectors.

Google DNS
Because this application is continuously being developed by developers, only with this application you can open websites that are blocked by the government using free quota at a stable speed.

Get Free Quota
This is the main feature of this application because we can access all applications or google without reducing any 1KB quota.

The way this application works is that it takes the injected data so that you can browse the internet just like using WiFi.

In addition to the features above, there are other advantages of the HTTP Injection Pro Mod Apk Cracked application which we will mention below.

Advantages of HTTP Injector Pro Mod Apk Cracked
Can open sites that have been blocked by positive internet or others
Easy to use compared to similar applications that have the same function
Can access free quota from http injector mod apk full 24 hours
We can choose a server, either a local server or a foreign server
Can still run even without using an SSH account
Those are some of the advantages of this application. For those of you who want to have the application, you can click the “Download” button below.

How to Install HTTP Injector Mod Apk
First “Download” the application by clicking the link above
Wait until the download process is complete
Then you open the “settings/settings” of your cellphone
Click the “Additional Settings” menu, then click the “Privacy” menu again, and click or activate “Unknown Sources”.
AG Injector
If it is active, click “File Manager”, and click the “Downloads” menu, and select “HTTP Injector Pro Apk Application”
Then automatically a new display will appear
Click “Install” in the lower right corner
And wait until the installation process is complete
For those who don’t know how to get free quota from this application, it’s a good idea to listen to the procedure below.

Tutorial Using HTTP Injector Pro Apk
You can follow the steps below to get free quota that can be used for 24 hours or a full day.

First of all, open the “HTTP Injector Pro Apk” application.
Click the “Line 3” icon in the top left corner
http injector pro apk mod
Select the “SSH Settings” menu
Tutorial to get free quota
Next you have to fill in the “SSH Host” column with the number “”, then the “SSH Port” column you fill in “443”, your “User” column fill in “”, and your “Password” column fill in “123”
How to get free quota through the app
Then you click the “back” button, when you go to your initial dashboard, fill in the “Remote Proxy” menu, as shown below, then click “Save”.
How to get free quota without app
Click the “Line 3” icon again, then you select the “Payload Producer” menu
Tutorial to get free quota using HTTP Injection
Your choice will appear, just follow the image below for the settings, if it is filled in, click “Make Payload”
How to get free quota without HTTP injector app
If you just click “START”, then automatically you can use the free quota for social media or so on.
How to get free quota without HTTP injector Mod aplikasi
And so our discussion this time may be useful and useful for all of us, thank you so much.

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