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For those who are into simulation games, you should try a game called House Flipper Mod Apk. With today’s advancements, there are many games that can be played on smart phones.

Therefore, many game developers are competing to create and develop games to make it more fun. This game is a popular form of entertainment for all groups, from children to adults.

In other words, there are already many people in this world who love games and actually play games. But now there are many types of games presented by different developers, one of them is the simulation type.

This time we will review a simulation game, namely the House Flipper game, developed by the developer, namely PlaySay SA. This game is about decorating the house or making the house beautiful and beautiful.

But in this modern age, not only the original game can be played. And now there are also games that have been modified or you can say games that have been modified or changed the functionality of the game.

Well, modified games are illegal games. In other words, a game that has modified or rewritten the game plan is an illegal game.

In fact, the existence of a modified game will discredit the original creator or developer who created the original game.

In this review, we will discuss modded games. We will also explain the features modified by modders. Apart from that, we will provide the download link for those who want to play this simulation game.

Introducing House Flipper Mod Apk

House Flipper Mod Apk is a simulation or party game that has been modified and changed many features by third parties. This first type of game is a game created or made by one of the developers which is PlaySay SA.

However, the Flipper House game has undergone several changes in many of the game’s features. One of the features that has changed is the unlimited money feature. In the original version of the game, the money to buy this is only a small amount or will expire if it is used continuously.

For other reasons, money and coins are useful for buying products or furniture that can never run out or you can use them continuously. Not only that, there are still many features modified and added by third parties that you can benefit from.

Others provide this feature to make it easier for their users to complete the tasks that need to be completed. Because if you buy an old house, you need to be in the news so that your house can be sold at a higher price.

This pinball requires you to fix, decorate and decorate the house. The reason is that in the game, you have to do household chores such as cleaning the garbage, painting the walls, laying all the tiles, installing the furniture and you can also decorate your house to make it beautiful. but beautiful.

If you are curious about some other features that have been reviewed by others. Immediately, you can see the details of the above features below that we have given you and enjoy playing this House Flipper Mod Apk game.

Main features of House Flipper Mod Apk

As we mentioned above, this House Flipper Mod Apk game is equipped with many great features that have been introduced by developers. The features it offers are very useful and the most wanted features.

The part that has changed this simulation game is deliberately introducing some of these cool features so that players don’t have a hard time playing the game. And this is so good that you can use it for free and without limits. Here are some great features:

Money in the Flipper House game is very valuable. One important thing is money with the responsibility of buying furniture or furniture or buying tools to decorate the house, such as wall paint, jewelry, ceramics or tiles, etc. With a lot of money you can buy a house and all the furniture.

1. unlimited money

But to get this money, you have to sell the house you already own and repair the house because at the beginning of the game you have to buy a house that is damaged. But with the unlimited cash feature, you don’t have to work hard to get the money to buy a home

2. Unlimited coins

This game also introduced coins that have a specific function or use money, namely to buy equipment or furniture. This coin is less important than silver because this coin can also buy furniture that cannot be bought with silver.

This part is very hard to get because you can only get this part by buying it with real money or by shipping it. Therefore, the developers introduced this feature so that you don’t have to spend money on buying coins.

3. All gear or max gear level.

In this game, tools or equipment are provided that have the functions of planning, painting, tiling and cleaning. If the tool or equipment you use has a high level, the time you will shoot with others will be shorter or finish faster.

In this House Flipper Mod Apk game, it contains the performance of any tool or equipment that already has a level cap. So the tasks you do, such as painting or tiling, will be done or completed quickly.

4. Contains a variety of information

If you are playing Flipper House game, you have to do the tasks given by the developer. The goal is to buy a house so that you can keep it, then you will participate in information that corresponds to what the future buyer wants.

The job you can do is to decorate the house according to the available jobs. An example is the color of the mural according to the available services or you can also install decorations according to the information. The reason is that if you do not follow the information, the sale price of the house has a low value.

5. Open all furniture and decorations

Another wonderful feature is the introduction of all the furniture in the Flipper Apk game mod. With all the furniture open, you can use or add all the furniture as you want.

You can also use this feature without first opening all the furniture. You really need furniture and decorations to complete the job.

Because the project requires you to install specific furniture. The furniture includes beds, shelves, sofas, dining areas, toilets and many others.

6. Easy controls and graphics

This Flipper House game is a fun simulation game with easy controls. This simple control will make it easier for the players because the game does not have many games or controls that are not complicated.

The graphics provided are also simple to make the players more comfortable to play the game, although the graphics provided are simple, this game is unique and very good. Also, I see that you don’t get bored easily while playing the game.

7. Open all offices and buildings

The office is where your personality lives, which you can decorate in this way. You can enter this office right away and you can decorate it immediately according to what you want.

Looking for a good company will make you use your creativity to make the company where your personality is good.

Unlike a company, a house is a residence that you can sell at a higher price. However, you cannot sell a company because the company is your character’s secret location.

The house you bought is a dirty old house, so you have to put it up so you can sell it when the house is nice again.

8. No advertising

Games and if you play online or your data is always available, you will see ads in the game. So, if an ad appears, it will really slow down your game.

The existence of in-game ads will confuse players. But this House Flipper Mod Apk game does not have any in-game ads, so you can play the game smoothly without any more ad problems.

Compare between House Flipper Mod Apk version and original version

Next, we will discuss the comparison between the modified Flipper House game and the original game. Having a lot of great features will differentiate the game because the usual game has modded features.

The review we will share will be higher than the Mod Apk version of the game because the original version of the game does not have the features that are present in the modded version of the game. from the original:

Flipper House Mod Original Flipper House version
Unlimited Money Unlimited Money
Unlimited coins
All apps are flat and all apps are low
Open all decorative furniture Close all decorative furniture
All homes and businesses are open Homes and businesses are still closed
No ads. There is advertising

Download Unlimited Files Home Flipper Mod & Open All Apps

If you are interested in the game, you can download the game directly from the official market, such as Google Playstore or App Store. However, if you download the game from the official market, you will not see the advanced features as we explained above.

But for those who want to find the above features, you can download them directly from the link we have provided in the table below. You can download the link for free without charge. Here is the download link, let’s click the link so you can download it directly.

App Name Flipper House Mod Fast
Producers of PlayWay SA
The latest version of the update
Size 247.91 MB
OS 4.1 minimum and above
A simulation model

Above is the table with details of which smartphones can play House Flipper Mod Apk game. Not only about the mobile details but also the download link included and also the game file size which can be said to be huge.

How to install Game House Flipper Mod Apk on your phone

If you want to install a modified game, you have to install it yourself or manually. The reason is that installing the game that is available in the market is to install it automatically so you don’t have to worry about installing it.

So, for those who do not know how to install it, you can follow the steps below that we have provided. We designed these steps so you can play the game without checking YouTube.

  • The first step is that you need to download the game from the link we have given above by clicking on the link
  • The second step is to go to the settings menu of your smartphone
  • Then you are looking for a menu and immediately enter the menu
  • Then, you just have to enable Unknown Sources or Unknown Sources
  • Once this process is completed, you can access the My File menu or your phone’s file manager.
  • Then find the game file that you downloaded earlier, usually in the download menu
  • If you find it, just click install
  • Wait a few minutes for the installation process to complete
  • It’s over and you can play the game right away
  • Good luck and have fun trying

These are the only ways or methods to install House Flipper Mod Apk game which is a modded game. Follow the above steps carefully without skipping a single step to play this Flipper Mod Apk game.

Is playing modded games dangerous?

Many have asked about security when playing modded games. Therefore, at this time, we will explain whether it is good or not good to play games that others have changed through some of the features of the game.

In fact, a game that is changed by someone else presents a dangerous risk. But there are still many people who ignore this risk, and modded players are still safe and not exposed to serious risks.

But you should know that this modded game comes with some risks, here are some of the risks you face while playing the illegal game:

  • Google may permanently ban your account
  • At the risk of carrying a dangerous virus
  • There may be a virus
  • May reduce phone performance
  • There is a risk of your personal data being stolen
  • Hurting the creator of the original game

The last word

By playing simulation games, the atmosphere of the game will take you away and calm your mind. Hope the information about House Flipper Mod Apk game that we provided can be useful for you.

That completes the review of each simulation game, we apologize if there are any incorrect words in reviewing the above information. See you soon with another review

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