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Google Camera Xiaomi Redmi Note with GCAM Redmi Note Pro is now one of the most popular mod camera applications. With the features in it, you will produce high quality images compared to the default mobile camera. In order to install this gcam, the cellphone must have a camera feature.

The latest GCAM mod for the Redmi Note can run on Android Pie and Android 10. This mod is developed by Parrot 043, which is one of the popular developers for the GCAM mod. It can be said that almost all of its features function smoothly both for the latest GCAM APK 7 that is run on the Redmi Note.

One of the latest cool features on the Google Camera Redmi Note is Astrophotography. This feature is embedded in GCAM 7.0.009. For Redmi Note 8, this feature can run well. Besides that, other features can also still run optimally starting from HDR Plus, Super Res Zoom, ZSL, Slow Motion, Night Show, Time Lapse, and so on.

Excellent features on GCAM Redmi Note

Many features in the regular Redmi Note GCAM and Pro can run well. Each of these features, among others, is as follows:

HDR + feature

With this facility, you can produce very clear camera image quality. The image resolution will be high especially if supported by a qualified default camera device.

ZSL feature

Have you ever taken a photo and there is a pause when you want to take another photo? With this ZSL feature will make you able to take photos continuously or continuously. The resulting image quality can still be maximized.

Super Res Zoom

As the name implies, this feature will allow you to enlarge the image you want to take or zoom. Even so, the results will remain maximum.

Night Sight

With this feature, you can still produce good images even at night. On the default camera, when taking pictures in situations that are less lighting usually the results are less satisfactory.

Slow motion

This feature will allow you to create a slow motion video. For these videographers will be a very unique feature and can produce dramatic effects on video results.

Time Lapse

The Timelapse feature will make you create photos like a professional photographer. This feature is done to speed up shooting so as not to take a long time.

Astrophotography features

Next there is an astrophotography feature that can produce clear and sharper images. The collection of stars in the sky will appear clear without the presence of artificial light. Besides that, this mode can indeed be finished or reduce the effect of camera shocks. So, the shooting is more stable and not blurred.

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