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As the game starts you are in a space ship ready to take off. Your mission here is to build the rocket and follow the given instructions and tasks. The game is not this simple. When you start moving on you must point out the disguised imposters and kill them before they kill you.

Description of the game

You can play against other players across the globe online. The important thing is that you keep in mind that there are at least two or three traitors in each level of the game who will take down all crewmembers. Among us apk hack includes doing various tasks and missions. Players must complete them before the traitors kill you in the level.

We advise you to stay very cautious while playing this game because traitors may be disguised as your friends too. Among us hacks mobile version includes many features, such as unlocking different pets, multiple outfits, and other features too. The host of the game always decides how many impostors will be there at each level.


When the game starts, all the players are present in a spaceship that is ready for departure in space. In Among us apk mod, the impostors have to keep moving around in the spaceship and kill the crewmates before they can complete any of their assigned tasks. They have to kill mysteriously so that none of the crewmates finds them out and they kill all of them before the level ends.

Introduction to the rules and regulations

Among us, the mod menu apk is the one awesome hack that has a huge variety of new features and unlimited resources. All this and more of the special features that you can get without spending any real money. The game is lightweight and does not interfere with your device. Also, in graphics, stunning sound effects, and dimensions the game is very much user-friendly.

If the impostors can succeed in killing the crewmates before they complete their tasks and without the crewmates knowing about their presence, they will win. On the other hand, Among us unblocked Crewmates can identify the impostors. They can even complete their tasks before getting killed to become the winners. The game is very exciting and filled with loads of fun. The journey is based on disloyalty from hidden and disguised intruders and also teamwork among the crewmates.

What is Among Us MOD APK IOS?

The fun and thrill game is bringing joy to the lives of many. For the gamers, Among Us is not a weird name. And it is clear from the name of the game that the enemy is always present between us. This game among us cracked achieved great success because you have to pay full attention to not just a single but an entire group of imposters that have been acting like regular friends.

There is one crew of 4 to 10 people who are called crewmates. These are the real heroes who follow instructional orders and complete their tasks. However, the room creator has the right to decide the number of imposters 1, 2, or 3 in each level. Of course, the game becomes more challenging with more imposters, also among us skins free is going to get you all confused.

All players are set to finish their assigned tasks in a given period. The imposters usually do not follow orders but they sometimes also have to pretend that they are working with them and save their true colors and therefore the identities from being seen. Among us, cursors are the chrome browser extension that allows the players to replace the default cursor with a fun and pretty cursor of their choice.

Fun facts and features of Among Us MOD APK

Kill instantly

This feature helps the imposters more. If you decide to be an Imposter you can use this feature and finish all the crewmates without actually disclosing your identity. With the use of this feature in among us hack mobile, they will not know who hit them. This feature doesn’t give them time to think and consider properly.

Unlimited Skins

An Unlimited number of skins, hats, pets and multiple other things have been added in the accessories for you in the mod apk version. This means that now you are getting all you want for your character in Unblocked among us

 Imposter and crewmates

Always Imposter is also a mod feature. By activating this you will be the wanted imposter every time you meet your crewmates. Otherwise, you can be any skin and type crewmate who is trying to stay alive till the end. Among us hacks download is present in the menu section of your game. This part is going to make winning very easy

Let’s get the download started

  1. First of all, uninstall the already installed app from your Device
  2. Next, you need to go to the download link which is like a button on this page
  3. Now click on the download button and download the mod apk file
  4. In this step, install the app on your device
  5. Lastly, run the app and have fun with the hack features for free.

FAQs (Among Us MOD APK)

How to get free skins Among Us MOD APK?

The free skin feature is available for pc users and if you want all skins unlocked so just follow the above-mentioned steps to download MOD APK. Initially, android users had to pay for the skins. But with the invention of IOS and MOD APK for mobile users, the skins have become accessible for all.

Ending remarks

We have come to the end of this fun and thrilling article. We now know all about the game where different colored creatures are building the spacecraft. They plan on going into space and in the meanwhile fulfill their tasks. But that is not it. It may look simple for the naïve but the truth is that there are other disguised villains on the craft with you. They are known as imposters and their task is to kill all the crewmates one by one. Moreover, they cannot be caught. They have to be the last man standing at any level to be the winner.

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