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Download Aku Si Peternak Lele Mod Apk Breeder – Now the application that is again viral experiences the latest update, namely the Aku Si Peternak Lele Mod Apk 1.1 Simulator Application, for this time the admin will share with you all about the latest version of the game.

If you are interested in me, the ikan lele farmer Mod Apk version 0.1, please click on the download link Aku, the lele farmer Mod Apk 1.1, the admin has given.

I am the Catfish Mod v1.1 breeder was made by the developer Andy Lukito who had been released some time ago. Termnya after a few days in the game release received a positive response especially from the Life internet cafe fans, meatball simulators.

In my game Aku Si Peternak Lele mod you will play a role as a catfish farm business that cultivates and sells it to all buyers who come in place.

Uniquely when you play me the catfish breeder version 1.1 you as a businessmen do not need to deliver catfish or yields, just buyers who need to take their own orders.

The players from the game application Aku Si Peternak Leleh farmer mod apk 0.1 is also presented with an interesting graphic quality for sure. But every player must also be able to manage his male business so that later it will not suffer losses.

About Aku Si Peternak Lele mod apk

You need to know that Aku Si Peternak Lele MOD APK 1.1 is a game that raises the theme of cultivating catfish. This game tells the story of this business is a simulation game developed by Andy Lukito.

As the name suggests this game, Aku Si Peternak Lele breeder, will invite all of you to be able to play a role as a businessman who starts his business from scratch.

Like other simulation games, in me the catfish breeders will be invited to simulate the sale of IKQN Lele and care for it. Of course, as a seller you must be able to serve buyers wholeheartedly, including giving catfish in accordance with customer wishes.

It should be noted too, do not let you take too long in making catfish orders. It could be an unexpected thing for example, for example, you are wrong in managing orders so you also have to repeat and start from the beginning again.

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